ZJ Beny

Are one of the leading international manufacturers of DC components for use with PV systems, including EV Chargers. They are known as technology leaders, and have a reputation for safe and effective products. With more than 25 years experience in the electrical industry, every product they create is backed up by their decades of experience, and their commitment to creating quality products that they can proudly stand behind. They operate internationally, and have seen great success not only in Australia, but in Europe, America and South East Asia as well.

ZJ Beny EV Charger Installation

ZJ Beny EV Chargers are manufactured by customer-focused experts with several decades of experience. Their patented iP65 design case makes a ZJ Beny EV Charger installation perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage allowing versatility when selecting a discrete install location

Their output power can be adjusted from 6A all the way up to 32A, allowing you to lower it to rely only upon the excess power generated by your solar, or raise it to speed up charging time and draw power from the grid to supplement it. This allows you to optimise how and when you charge to maximise your saving and can be planned using the Z-box app. The Z-box app allows for scheduled charging and real time monitoring of your energy usage as well as multiple function settings. The systems are also extremely safe, coming with a number of integral safety features. If you would like to discuss a potential ZJ Beny EV Charger Installation with our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Multiple charging modes available

The ZJ Beny EV Charger allows you to customise how it charges your EV to suit your needs, letting you use solely PV energy to charge your vehicle without the grid charging you a cent, or focus on recharging your vehicle as quickly as possible, or anything in between:

  • Normal – uses Dynamic Load Balancing to vary the charging speed based on household appliance usage. This prevents the Main Switch tripping from too much current draw
  • Pure PV – varies the charging speed based on the amount of excess solar power available
  • Hybrid – allows charging from grid up to a certain amount
  • Full Speed – allows charging at full speed


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